Letter to the Editor

Dosen demonstrates steady ‘voice of reason’

To the Editor:

This will be my 13th year serving on the school board. A great deal has occurred in those years: school consolidations, the hiring of three superintendents and three treasurers, 21st-century learning at its finest and financial stability. The successes that occurred could only have been done with the leadership of Mark Dosen.

Mr. Dosen has served on this board for 12 of my 13 years. I have always known him to be a steady voice of reason. We can all agree that these last few years have tested our community’s resilience. Mr. Dosen has been a constant voice of reason throughout this district. Mark is always willing to explain board-related topics which may require background information. His leadership during board meetings helps provide clarity and transparency on educational items that often have a history.

This November, the voters will need to make a decision. Although change can be good, electing a candidate with a proven track record is essential. Mark Dosen is the only candidate who knows the history of our district and can provide clarity to the decisions of the past and be a visionary for the future. Please Vote for Mark Dosen for Brecksville-Broadview Heights School Board.

Kathleen Mack

Old Royalton Road, Brecksville