Letter to the Editor

Writer questions Petsche’s focus

To the Editor:

We need a mayor who knows Brecksville. Mayoral candidate Jack Petsche complains about a “lot” of retail vacancies downtown, yet shows only two examples in his campaign video. A longer walk than Jack’s, Brecksville Magazine, news websites and social media show that downtown is thriving. Downtown areas with 100% occupancy all of the time do not exist.

Petsche’s original 2023 campaign website demonstrated a lack of current knowledge. He called for an “updated playground.” Our leadership won $750,000 in grants for the upgrade. He called to “Improve connectivity between the Towpath bike trail and our Town Center.” Apparently, he has learned that Chippewa Creek Drive and the adjacent trail have been connecting the two for decades.

Jack Petsche is suing the city and five respected current and former officials. Being both plaintiff and mayor would cause difficult relations within city government. He was removed from council in July 2020 for violating the city’s  charter. Yet, his website presently lists his council service as “2018-2021” which would have been the full term (had he not been removed from office.)

By contrast, Daryl Kingston is serving on council with integrity and without controversy. He is chairman of council’s streets and sidewalks committee, which has been awarded significant grant money for new connectivity projects. He is passionate about the annual Velosano Bike & Trike that teaches our kids safety while raising money for cancer research.

Daryl Kingston knows Brecksville and will lead responsibly rather than fight personal political battles from his past.

Eric Schirch

Riverview Road