Mayors Corner – Mayor Jeffrey L. Anzevino

Support & Safety

September is here and one of my favorite times of the year will soon be approaching – autumn. I have often said and heard from others, the changing of the seasons is a wonder of nature, and for those who do not have the opportunity to experience this beauty, it can be quite majestic.

With the end of summer soon closing in upon us, the school season has begun, not just for the Hudson local schools but also for Hudson Montessori, Seton Catholic, Western Reserve Academy and several other daycare and pre-schools in our city. As such, I want to focus on the importance of supporting the youth of Hudson and the topic of safety – school bus safety, pedestrian safety and overall traffic safety around not just our schools but our entire city.

I would like to tell two short stories from my recent interactions with students at the East Woods Intermediate and Ellsworth Hill Elementary schools this past season. I was at the buildings to present a Recognition Certificate and Coin to students for my 365-Day Challenge for the month of April. One student was so appreciative that he asked if he could hug me. I kneeled down, as I often do when interacting with young children, and the student not only wrapped both arms around me but also laid his head on my shoulder and squeezed tightly while simply saying, “Thank you.” Another student’s story was not known to me until a few months later when I had met and was talking to his grandmother. She told me that her grandson was so excited to meet me and receive his award that he soon after seemed to show an increase in confidence. He began to try new things and was opening up more with people in general. While the grandmother gave me credit, I am sure that this student’s family, friends and support system were the true catalyst to his increased confidence. However, if my interaction and support of our youth had even just a small part to play in a student’s growth and accomplishments, what could be better? What could be more positive and rewarding? As a result, I would like to boldly ask the residents of Hudson – please consider to ‘Follow My Lead.’

In conclusion, please think about how you can share this article or topic with your friends, acquaintances and family members. Safety in so many aspects is an important focus for us, not only as individuals but also one of the highest desires and benefits for our collective community. Please brush up on any educational or informative resources if needed, spend a few extra moments to plan your next day (so as to avoid rushing) and please be cautious, aware and safe as you travel within our city and elsewhere – not just during school season but 365 days.

To our youth and students – have a great school year and keep doing and striving to accomplish amazing things.

Thank you. ∞