Letters to the Editor

Pulling election petition

To the Editor,

I spent quite a bit of time considering my feelings about the direction this village has been heading, and how I could most effectively help correct what I perceive to be serious problems.  I have been in the minority in decisions made and we will be living with them for a long time.

The biggest problem is we have compromised municipal government.  Our most important decision-making boards are subject to Council review which can modify or nullify decisions made after sometimes hours of testimony and consideration.  Separation of government must be taken seriously. 

Being upset by four serious items which need to be addressed is not an adequate reason to run for an office which I believe is held by an able and responsible person.  Also, my being mayor, if we are to regain correct operation of our branches of government, would actually lessen my ability to help the residents of Richfield.  For these reasons I did not turn in my petitions for mayor.

Unfair and erratic enforcement of zoning regulations, blatant favoritism regarding parking and other considerations to one business at the expense of parking for adjacent publicly-owned properties; meddling in decisions made by entities in other branches of government; and adding to roads and walkways while existing ones are deteriorated are the four reasons I considered running for mayor.  Actually, the mayor is not responsible for any of these.  Council and its primary advisors are!

Rick Hudak

Brecksville Road