Letter to the Editor

Supporting the preserve

To the Editor,

This November we have the chance to vote for a levy that will continue to support the operations of Richfield Heritage Preserve. The preserve has become a place for my family to get away from “the noise” and reconnect. We visit the park frequently and with each visit, we always experience something new.

On each adventure we’ve witnessed firsthand the many enhancements taking place. What amazes me is that volunteer labor contributes to most of the projects that are being accomplished in the park.

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting the new parks director, you know his energy and vision for the park is big and his ideas are creative, fun, and impactful.  Some of his visions have been the Goat Derby, a new trail map, a list of new programs and the ability to rent one of the lodges and campsites. 

Getting back to nature and enjoying family time away from electronics and social media is key for me as a mother of two young boys.  Taking advantage of what the park has to offer is one way that I’m able to make this happen.

My family will be supporting the levy and hope you will join us in voting “yes” to help generate the bare minimum funds needed to continue the restoration of our beautiful park. If you haven’t had a chance yet, come out and experience the park and you’ll quickly see why we are voting “yes.”

Jenn Hesch

Deer Creek Circle ∞