Letter to the Editor

Motor Road issues not addressed

To the Editor,

Having lived most of my life in my home on Motor Road in Richfield Village, I have witnessed many changes in my community, neighborhood, and my own property. Overall, the services offered to the residents are commendable. My purpose for this letter, however, is to make known my frustration regarding the lack of apparent concern of the surface water runoff into the waterways of my part of Richfield.

The ditch elimination procedures that occurred and lack of a continuation of the drainage trench on the east side of Motor Road have caused irreparable damage to my property. I have brought this to the attention of our mayor, service department, and members of Village Council. Other than trimming some weeds, nothing has been done to remedy the problem.

This is especially troubling to me when I find that over $300,000 has been budgeted by Richfield Village to redirect a creek bed causing erosion problems in Richfield Township. I firmly believe that the priority of our village government should be to care for the residents that government represents. That is where the revenue to operate their infrastructure is generated.

Motor Road is in what is traditionally known as Richfield Heights. The mostly ranch style homes in this area have been among the most affordable in Richfield. I wonder if my problem were in Forest Ridge or even certain parts of the township, it would be taken more seriously. ∞

Walter Zabawski

Motor Road