Trustees Corner by Trustee John Zaccardelli

It is with great sadness I begin my township update with acknowledging the passing of former Sagamore Hills Trustee Rose Mary Snell on July 24.

On behalf of every employee in Sagamore Hills and the board of trustees, I extend heartfelt sympathy to the Snell family. Rose Mary served the residents of Sagamore Hills for 20 years. She worked tirelessly for the advancement of the township. In 2014, Rose Mary received the “Cliff S. Keen Lifetime Achievement Award.” This award is presented each year by Summit County to honor a private citizen’s dedication and commitment to serving residents of Summit County. Rose Mary will be missed!

In the past, I have written about Rt. 82 as a cut through for quick stop criminal enterprise between Interstates 77 and 271. In July, the section in Greenwood Village known as the Arboretum had UNLOCKED automobiles ransacked for valuables in the early morning. Det. Lt. Dan Rice again is asking residents not to leave anything of value in their automobile and make sure their vehicle is LOCKED.

While on the topic of automobiles, in early July, a vehicle was stolen from a home in the Eaton Estates. This theft occurred at night and yes, you guessed it, the vehicle was UNLOCKED. Police Chief David Hayes and Rice said officers Victoria Miavitz and Glenn Lucore did a great job of responding to the scene. Lucore entered the vehicle information into an area-wide alert computer system to surrounding agencies. As luck would have it, the Westlake police read the information that Lucore entered into this alert system. Their department was in the process of recovering several vehicles in East Cleveland that had been stolen in Westlake. The Eaton Estates vehicle was also in the mix. Officers Miavitz and Lucore met Interstate Towing in East Cleveland. They double-checked the VIN number and the vehicle was returned to Sagamore Hills in less than 8 hours. Miavitz stated there was no exterior damage as the vehicle had not yet been to a chop shop. Hayes was pleased with the recovery of this vehicle and as always urges all residents to keep their cars LOCKED when not in use.

The summer road repaving went relatively well. There was a major hiccup on Wood Hollow as the cross over pipes were delayed. Most of the catch basins should be done by the end of August, weather permitting. On July 18, Laura Steimle, Dave DePasquale, Paul Schweikert and I submitted legislation for a grant from the “Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement Program.”  If approved, the project will consist of partial reclamation/partial mill and fill of Village Parkway in Greenwood Village. 

This year, Steimle and I will be involved in the process of this grant. As we move forward into next year 2024, DePasquale and Schweikert will follow this process until it is approved or not approved. I want to thank everyone for this collaborative effort.

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day! ∞