Residents enjoy parade, bike race and outdoor activities at Home Days

The Men of Independence barbershop quartet sang the Star
Spangled Banner to kick off the Home Days parade. Photos
by Kim Scott Sowinski.

Children painted portions of a picture of city hall through Artsee
Live, a company that offers interactive art at large scale events.

Gear Up Velo, a bicycle shop in Independence, held its inaugural
“Criterium” bike race, which consists of short fast laps on
a closed circuit, at the Indepenendence Technology Center on
Brecksville Road. A kid’s bike race was also part of the event.

Superintendent Ben Hegedish drives a Jeep with Independence
Local Schools principals T.J. Ebert, Jamie Vanek and Michael

Kids try their hand at carnival games like
“Hang Time” in which you see how long
you can hang from a bar without letting
your feet touch the ground.