Trustees approve $16.69 million budget for 2024

by Laura Bednar

Bath Township trustees in July approved the 2024 budget of $16.69 million, which was submitted to the Summit County fiscal officer.

The budget was broken down by fund type and included each department’s expected costs for the year. According to an overview presented at a July trustees meeting, Bath received additional revenue in the first quarter of 2023 from the voter-approved 1.4-mill road and bridge renewal levy with a .6-mill ballot increase approved in November 2021. Expected additional revenue to the road and bridge fund is $374,597.

The general fund budget is almost $2.9 million and includes computer replacements, JEDD rural preservation funds, permanent improvements and the continued sidewalk project on Cleveland Massillon Road and Springside Drive.

The Bath police budget is almost $4.4 million and includes wages, computer replacements, replacing three cruisers and fuel expenses.

The fire department budget is almost $3.1 million and includes fire apparatus, replacement of a vehicle and protective clothing.

The service department budget is $2.7 million with plans to purchase a pickup truck and complete construction projects. Some of these projects are crack sealing, concrete panel replacement, catch basin repair and culvert pipe replacement.

The parks department is planning parking lot improvements, trail improvements, athletic field rehabilitation and renovation of the building at the North Fork Preserve. The department’s budget is $742,851.

Police Chief and Township Administrator Vito Sinopoli said the 2024 budget also includes contributions to the American Rescue Plan Act fund and the fire department EMS billing. ∞