School board adopts new science curriculum

by Chris Studor

The Highland Board of Education has adopted new textbooks for the upcoming school year. Included among the new textbook selection titles are: “Physical Science,” “Physics,” “Biology,” “Teen Health,” “Inspire Chemistry” and “Elevate Science.”

District Curriculum Director Laurie Boedicker said 24 of the district’s elementary school teachers and 10 middle school teachers were involved in the selection of the new materials, which encompass eight different curriculums.

“When we are studying textbook selections we include data such as test scores and teacher input,” said Boedicker. “Additional considerations include whether the content is appropriate for the age group; whether the material encourages students to explore before the concepts are explained (making predictions); that contents is accurate and valid; that the curriculum provides good teacher support materials; whether the material can be read out loud for those with reading challenges; and if the content is flexible.

As part of the changes, Boedicker noted that videos will be available at the elementary school level that parents can view to help them understand what their children are learning and experiencing.

The board also announced the 2023-24 school year starting dates, which include:

Monday, Aug. 21  – Sixth- and ninth grades

Tuesday, Aug. 22 – All K-12 students

Monday, Aug. 28 – Preschool

The Highland Board of Education also accepted the following donations;

From the Granger PTO to Granger Elementary, $3,000 for school supplies; from the Granger PTO to the Granger Elementary Science Program, $1,425; from Vincent and Lyndsey Chiera, $1.25 to the Hinckley Principal’s Account; from Angels of Love Hadler’s, $485 to the Highland High School Boys Track program; from Angels of Love Hadlers, $485.15 to the HHS boys tennis program; and from Highland Youth Soccer, $1,000 to the HHS boys soccer program. ∞