Revere projects shoot for Aug. 15 completions

by Sheldon Ocker

June 27 school board meeting

Revere Schools Treasurer Rick Berdine updated the board of education on several construction projects in the district.

Doors and windows have arrived at the site of the new high school football stadium entrance, and a roofer was about to begin work. Construction of a concrete pathway will begin inside the entrance.

New lighting is being installed at the football field after an inspection revealed the stadium lights were far short of satisfactory.

“The difference in the light at field level will be noticed by every participant. … Lighting will be a consistent 50 [candlepower] over the whole surface,’’ Berdine said. “Whereas now we have anywhere from 12 and 21, and we have very few 21s.’’

Berdine also said the partial roof replacement at Richfield Elementary was progressing. Drainage work at the new Richfield playground has been completed, and a meeting with playground equipment suppliers was scheduled, so that project can continue.

An old storage building near the left field line of the baseball field was removed, and a new one has been procured. The practice field at the middle school has now been cleared for use, and the football team can begin using it.

“Hopefully, when I talk to you at the August meeting, they’re all done,’’ Berdine said.

    Volunteering requirement

The board will vote in August on the proposal to include 24 hours of community service as a high school graduation requirement, but the recommendation already has been slightly altered.

Students will be asked to perform six hours of volunteer service each school year rather than randomly select the number of hours per year until they add up to 24. Students must complete each year’s assignment by May 1.

Previously, the recommendation was worded so that students could not join a family member in performing the hours.

“You could have more than one high school student in the family,’’ said board member Claudia Hower. “So why can’t students work with their family? That’s a positive thing.’’

However, students cannot do volunteer work for the benefit of a family member.

Student will have latitude when choosing their activity but there will be restrictions.

According to the recommendation, “Students do not need pre-approval of any community service activity; however, if there is a question as to whether an activity will be approved, students are to seek guidance from an administrator or school counselor.’’

   Future calendar

The board approved the calendar for the 2024-25 school year, with the first day of school scheduled for Aug. 22, 2024, and the last day of classes set for June 4, 2025.

Classes will not be in session from Nov. 27-Dec. 2 for the Thanksgiving holiday. Winter break will begin on Dec. 21 and end on Jan. 5. Spring break will run from March 22- March 31.

In a related issue, next year’s senior class officers have recommended holding commencement for the 2023-24 school year at 7 p.m. on May 28, 2024, at Akron Civic Theatre. The board is expected to ratify the recommendation meeting.


 The Henry V.  and Frances W. Christenson Foundation contributed $3,000 to benefit the Robert Gilbert II Memorial Scholarship. Apple Growth Partners LLC donated $500 to the Apple Growth Scholarship. Oxford Risk LLC gave $1,500 to the Oxford Risk Scholarship. Fussy Properties LTD contributed $2,000 to the Baraona/Long Memorial Scholarship. Jonathan and Lily Gardner donated $400 to Revere High softball. The Revere Schools Foundation gave $6,000 to benefit three $2,000 scholarships. Richard Munsey contributed $1,000 to the Ted R. Munsey Scholarship.

Rhonda Totten donated $500 to the Mark Totten Memorial Scholarship. Ed and Kitty Butler gave $5,000 to the Paulett Memorial Scholarship.

   In addition

The board approved student handbooks for the high school, middle school, Bath Elementary and Richfield Elementary for the 2023-24 school year.

The board approved adding Cuyahoga Community College as a partner in the College Credit Plus program.

The board created the position of assistant transportation supervisor. The job will be posted with one requirement being that candidates must have a commercial driver’s license that includes a school bus endorsement. ∞