Master Rain Gardener program open to Summit County residents

Summit Soil and Water Conservation District’s Master Rain Gardener program will teach participants how to manage rainwater in their own yards. A virtual orientation meeting for the class will take place Aug. 8.

Cost for the class is $25. Register for the class at Registration and payment should be in the Summit Soil and Water office, 1180 South Main St., Suite 230, Akron, Ohio, 33301, by Tuesday, Aug. 1.

Raingardens naturally manage stormwater by infiltrating precipitation and allowing it to soak into the ground rather than sending it directly to storm sewers and nearby streams untreated. They also work with nature to collect and filter rainwater that runs off impervious surfaces like rooftops and driveways. These surfaces often result in increased flooding and stream bank erosion and water has the potential to pick up pollutants. Polluted stormwater runoff enters rivers and lakes and is one of the leading threats to water quality in the United States.

Participants may watch the classes at their convenience within the course timeline and webinar access will be permanent. Summit SWCD will provide feedback on weekly homework assignments and quizzes through Google classroom.

Upon completion of the course and either installing a raingarden or volunteering to maintain a community raingarden, participants will receive a Master Raingardener certificate.

Call 330-926-2452 with questions or for more information. ∞