Police Beat

Information provided by the Sagamore Hills Police Department

June 4—A resident reported a verbal dispute with a female driver after she allegedly drove too close to his car. The two later exchanged words in a Northfield Center store parking lot.

Police responded to a Greenwood Parkway residence for report of an intoxicated male who had a weapon on his person. He was later transported to the hospital for an evaluation.

June 6—Officers responded to an Olde Eight Road gas station for report of theft by an employee. The suspect allegedly stole money, tobacco and food products.

June 7—Two neighbors on Dunham Road had a dispute over cutting down trees on one neighbor’s property which hung over the other neighbor’s property.

A package was stolen from an Amherst Drive residence with kitchen items totaling $384.

June 8—Police were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident between a car and motorcycle on Houghton Road. The motorcyclist died from his injuries.

June 13—While on patrol, an officer came across two females in a vehicle and the driver had a suspended license. The females were also in possession of marijuana.

June 14—A Husky dog got out of his yard on Glencrest Road and killed a neighbor’s chicken. The dog owner was issued a minor misdemeanor citation for proper dog restraint.

June 15—A resident reported he was the victim of fraud after his email account was hacked and unauthorized purchases were made using his Kohl’s credit card.

June 16—Police took a fraud report when a resident called the number from a fraudulent email and the scammer told her to send $70,000 to a Japanese bank account.

June 18—Officers responded to the state Route 82 bridge for reports of a man jumping off the bridge. He survived and was transported to the hospital.

Police received a call referencing an unresponsive male at a W. Aurora Road home. The male was pronounced deceased, and there was no foul play identified.

June 19—Police rescued a female from the Cuyahoga River. She was in a boat that capsized and was unsure where she was.

A male reported harassment and menacing in the parking lot of a national parks service building on W. Aurora Road. The male recognized the harasser, who had pulled a knife on him in the park in July 2022.

June 21—A male was cited for illegal dumping at a W. Aurora Road apartment complex.

Officers took a fraud report when a female stated someone opened Best Buy and Home Depot credit cards in her name.

June 22—Police responded to a Valley View Road residence for a domestic dispute.

A caller stated she found a female walking on N. Gannet Road who was distraught and had an odor of alcoholic beverage.

June 24—A female reported her wedding ring lost after she was unable to find it in the township park where she last was.

June 27—A Valley View Road resident reported telecommunications harassment from her ex-partner and father of her child.

June 29—Police responded to an Arboretum Circle residence for a psychiatric evaluation of a resident.

Officers were dispatched to a N. Boyden Road residence in reference to an unresponsive female. The elderly female was pronounced dead.

Police were dispatched to a Meadowview Road residence for a domestic violence complaint. A couple got into a physical altercation, and the male was charged with domestic violence and strangulation. ∞