Five-year forecast suggests new levy likely

by Sheldon Ocker

May 16 school board meeting

Revere Schools Treasurer Rick Berdine described his latest five-year financial forecast as “pretty much unchanged’’ to the board of education. As per state law, Berdine updates the forecast in May and November each year.

He cautioned about two developments that adversely affect the school district’s revenues: an increase in residential property tax delinquencies and refunds for commercial taxpayers.

“I hope neither of these becomes a trend, but it’s certainly something we’ll have to pay attention to,’’ Berdine said. “Delinquent taxes get paid at some point, but refunds typically do not.’’

According to Berdine’s five-year forecast, revenue for fiscal 2023 will be $40.5 million and expenditures  $41.2. The deficit will be made up using the district’s cash balance, which is $17 million. By the fifth year of the forecast, 2027, revenues are projected to be $43.5 million with expenditures rising to $47.9 million. The district’s cash balance is expected to decrease to $5.7 million.

These numbers are speculative. Revere’s financial position might become stronger or worsen, but it is reasonable to expect the board will ask residents to approve a new operating levy in the next five years.

“A lot can happen between now and 2027 … but at some point we’re going to have to ask for new money,’’ Berdine said.

The treasurer pointed out that it has been 12 years since the last operating levy was passed, which is an unusually long time, according to Berdine.

Board member Claudia Hower praised Berdine for his part in extending the useful life of the current levy.

“Considering that you stretched our bond issue beyond what we were planning to do with those buildings and your leadership in continuing everything we need to do, you managed our dollars well, and we appreciate it,’’ she said. 

   Website improvements

The board approved a five-year contract with Finalsite to replace and manage the district’s web site.

“I wouldn’t expect to see the heavy lifting of the website until 2024,’’ said Superintendent Michael Tefs. “What I’ve seen from Finalsite is really exciting.’’

During the first year of the five-year deal, Revere will pay Finalsite $17,011. The fee will gradually increase to $18,421 in the final year of the contract.


The board approved the following donations:

$1,000 from Julie Boyle to Richfield Elementary for the mini-community; $2,600 from Lara and Richard Wilson to the Zachary Wilson Scholarship Fund; $8,236 from the Bath PTA to purchase two bass racks and four cello racks, two soccer posts and 10 folding tables; $1,000 from the H.E. Graves Jr. Family Foundation to Bath Elementary to be used as needed; $537 from Stephen and Holly Wido to the R Leadership Scholarship; $500 each from Lucyll Loper, Protein Partner of Ohio LLC and Chloe Bair to the Lisa Sutton Loper Memorial Scholarship; two $1,000 scholarships from the Friends of Richfield Library to Revere Schools to benefit the Friends of Richfield Library;  $500 from Heart of Revere to Revere Middle School for the Washington, DC trip to benefit kids with financial difficulties.

  Other topics

 • More than 2,000 outdated tech items – mostly iPads and MacBooks – are being sold off to make way for new equipment. Berdine said he knows of six or seven companies that resell tech equipment, and that the district will reap $50,000-$100,000 from the sale, depending on the condition of the items.

• The board approved new contracts for several administrators and a coach.

Director of Student Services Abby Kassell received a two-year contract extension; Curriculum Coordinator Marcia Roach, Revere High Principal Andrew Peltz and Richfield Elementary Assistant Principal Bryan Petsche received three-year extensions. The board also approved the hiring of Alanna Ramsey as the new girls volleyball coach. ∞