Police Beat

Information provided by the Broadview Heights Police Department

April 17 – Police were dispatched to a Cornell Drive residence after the homeowner complained there have been multiple incidents in which juveniles threw food, including eggs, bananas and yogurt, on his property. Additionally, he reported his mailbox had been damaged. The homeowner told police he recorded video footage showing a group of juveniles wearing face masks who approached his house, rang his doorbell and threw a full can of soda at his residence. Police have since identified and spoken with the juveniles and their parents, all of whom have been notified that charges will be filed if future incidents occur.

April 20 – A Parkview Lane resident came to the station to report he lost his gold wedding ring. The complainant said he suspects the house cleaners may be responsible. The case is under investigation.

April 19 – A Broadview Heights resident came to the station to report that she dropped off her tax return at the Broadview Heights Post Office and enclosed a check for more than $30,000 made out to the United States Treasury. The envelope was obtained, and the check was later cashed fraudulently by a person she does not know. The case remains under investigation.

April 22 – Police responded to a Wyatt Road residence around 2:20 p.m. after receiving reports of large plumes of smoke coming from the backyard. Police discovered that a shed was on fire. The fire department responded and extinguished the flames, which the homeowner suspects could have been caused by two active woodburners contained in the shed. He said the shed was a family “hang out spot” and also contained bicycles and other items.

April 22 – A Prestwick Drive resident came to the station to report that unknown suspects tried to open lines of credit in her name. The woman said she was attempting to raise the credit limit on her credit card when she was notified that her credit report had been locked. Upon investigating, the complainant said someone opened a bank account and credit card under her name with a $5,000 credit limit. The address listed on the file was not hers. The case remains under investigation.

April 23 – Police responded after a resident contacted dispatch to report that she wanted to leave her residence but her three grown children took her cell phone and credit cards and she couldn’t leave without those items. The complainant told officers that her children do not approve of her sending money to a celebrity in Europe. She told police she “met” the celebrity on Facebook and has sent him more than $18,000 to date. She also said the man was coming to visit in a few weeks and that she sends her Facebook messages that only she understands. Police also tried to convince the woman that this was a scam and offered her children advice on seeking a probate order through the courts.

April 24 – Police responded to a haunted house property after it had been reported that someone broke into a motorhome parked on the property. Police discovered the door to the motorhome had a hole through it and had been damaged. The suspect appears to have made entry to the vehicle, however, nothing was reported missing. Additionally, an ambulance parked at the site had also been broken into, and the owner discovered a seat cushion had been sliced open and a butcher knife that did not belong to the owner was located inside. Police photographed the evidence. The case remains under investigation.

April 25 – A city resident came to the station to report more than $3,400 stolen from his bank account. The complainant said he wrote the check to the Internal Revenue Service and mailed it from the Broadview Heights Post Office. He received notification from his bank days later that the check had been intercepted and cashed by an unknown individual. Police and the bank continue to investigate.

April 25 – A Tollis Parkway resident came to the station to report someone fraudulently used her Ohio EBT card at a store in New York to make a purchase for more than $350. The woman told police she doesn’t know anyone in the state and has not made any recent trips there either. There are no suspects.

April 26 – Police received a call from a motorist reporting a vehicle traveling on Interstate 77 that was driving on two flat tires. The vehicle reportedly exited the highway and re-entered on the northbound ramp traveling at 10 mph. The driver was later arrested on charges of OVI.

April 26 – An Eagle Valley Court resident contacted police to report the home’s surveillance cameras recorded a vehicle turfing her property on two separate occasions. Police used the footage to track the owner, who initially blamed the damage on his son. However, the man said he would take responsibility for the incident. He has been cited on charges of criminal trespass and criminal damaging. The property owner is also seeking restitution for the damages. ∞