Police Beat

Information provided by the Brecksville Police Department

April 7 – An officer traveling on Community Drive spotted a vehicle with heavy front-end damage, no hood and a tarp. Police pulled the driver over and discovered that the crumpled temporary license plate in the window expired in August. The driver told the officer the car had been in an accident. He was interrupted by the passenger who told the officer the vehicle’s hood “flew off” a few days prior. She was found to be the owner of the vehicle and had a suspended license, two warrants for her arrest on charges of expired plates and contempt of court. She was also found to have an active protection order against the driver, who also had an active warrant on charges of domestic violence. He was cited on charges of violating a protection order, driving with expired plates and driving an unsafe vehicle. He was taken into custody.

April 14 – Police were dispatched to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s central maintenance facility after it was reported that a suspect was harassing employees. The caller told dispatchers the suspect admitted to using drugs. Upon their arrival, officers located the suspect, who admitted to police that he needed help. He was transported to the hospital for evaluation. Police also confiscated two backpacks the man dropped in the park.

April 15 – Police were dispatched to the Oakes Road overpass on Interstate 77 after a caller reported that a vehicle spun out and struck a guardrail. Police said a vehicle was observed with heavy front-end damage facing the wrong direction. The officer spotted a hypodermic syringe inside the vehicle’s center console. Officers said the man was confused and he was transported to the hospital for further evaluation. Police also located suspected opiates inside. The driver was later charged with OVI, OVI refusal, failure to control his vehicle and failure to wear a seatbelt.

April 16 – Police were dispatched to Deer Run after receiving a call that a vehicle was stuck in a pothole on the roadway. Police located the vehicle in a part of the roadway that was currently under repair. The driver told officers he took his eyes off the road just before driving through orange cones. The vehicle’s air bags were deployed.  The driver’s neighbor arrived at the scene and helped push the van out of the hole.

April 26- Police responded to the intersection of Chippewa Road and Bradford Lane after receiving a call about a damaged vehicle. The driver of another care told officers that a stainless steel grass-catching bin had fallen out of the bed of his truck, striking the vehicle traveling behind him. The bin was located and returned to the driver, who was cited on charges of load dropping. Photos were taken on the scene and both drivers were told to contact their insurance providers.