Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

A “maintenance-free” housing development for Concordia?

Who needs it? A councilman said he voted for the plan for our residents who need help with the snow and the grass cutting. Hello … we already have snow removal services from the city. If we need help with the grass, there are plenty of local services available. And “free”? Like there wouldn’t be a Home Owner’s Association and hundreds of dollars in added charges every month to pay? People would rather stay in their own homes as long as they can. I know I would. This planned development is more of a solution in search of a problem.  

Of course the driving idea behind this development is to build the greatest number of homes on the smallest sized lots. That’s every housing developer’s blueprint for raking in the biggest profits. And that’s what I see this as: primarily a giveaway to the developers.  

Many residents simply don’t want every remaining private tract of green space in the city bulldozed and built upon. The western part of our city is a testament to that folly. It’s been overdeveloped and the rest of our city has paid the price with runoff and flooding.  

Our city has some of the richest business districts in the whole county. We can well afford to preserve whatever green spaces we still have.  

And we SHOULD preserve it.

Daniel Sobotka

Hillside Road ∞