Brecksville, Broadview Heights Chambers partner for “Beeopoly”

by Martin McConnell

Hasbro’s ‘Monopoly’ is unquestionably the most popular board game in the world. With over 500 million players worldwide according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the board game giant has countless variations for different media properties.
Now, the Brecksville-Broadview Heights community will be getting its own slice of the Monopoly pie. In collaboration with the Broadview Heights Chamber of Commerce, the Brecksville Chamber of Commerce has created ‘Beeopoly,’ a Monopoly adaptation starring local small businesses.

Brecksville Chamber of Commerce treasurer Don Lloyd was instrumental in making ‘Beeopoly’ come to life. He and the chambers wanted a fun way to be able to combine their efforts and highlight small businesses from around the two cities.
“Wouldn’t it be kind of a cool idea that represents the Brecksville and Broadview Heights chambers,” Lloyd said. “They’re two separate chambers, and we could get businesses from both communities, and make it a fundraiser.”

Designed by Brecksville local artist Jana Vanadia of JV Visual Creative, Lloyd said that the board looked “incredible,” along with the website.
As the leader of the board game project, Lloyd said that while he spearheaded the project, local businesses were immediately receptive. Having that kind of support made actually designing the game and filling out its board a relatively easy task, he said.
“(We can) use the school kids as our sales force in a sense, to help sell games and sponsorships on the board,” Lloyd said. “I brought it to the chamber board of directors one day, and everyone liked it. And then, COVID happened, and we stopped.”
Toward the end of the pandemic, Lloyd and the chambers got to work selling properties for the board, as well as different sponsorships. As of May 2, Lloyd has three spots left unclaimed on the board.
The chamber was able to raise enough money to print 500 copies of the game in its initial printing, but the hope is that demand will be great enough to add more. Portions of the proceeds will help benefit the Brecksville-Broadview Heights Scholarship Fund, Lloyd said.
“Our board is still kind of working through it on the details,” Lloyd said of the scholarship. “And then, we’re going to be going through the schools foundation for Brecksville-Broadview Heights schools on putting together a scholarship that will be announced at scholarship night for seniors.” Brecksville Chamber of Commerce president Kris Toth said his role was mostly one of facilitation. He said he acted as a liaison between the small businesses and the chambers to help get different Brecksville staples on board.
Currently, spots already claimed by local businesses include Creekside Restaurant, Bookman and Son Fine Jewelry, Brecksville Florist and others.

“It’s been really good,” Lloyd said. “We’re getting a lot of sponsorships. The businesses have been very giving with buying their properties, and I don’t think we’ll have very much trouble selling 500 games.”
Families and businesses seeking to support the two chambers on their quest to put Brecksville on the Monopoly map should look no further than, Lloyd said. There, patrons also have the opportunity to put their names on the board.

“In addition to the properties, we also have (spaces that) local community members can, for $100, pay to have their name on the center of the board,” Lloyd said. “My family name will be on the board (and) I’ll receive a game.”
Lloyd said the response from businesses and the Brecksville public have been incredible so far, and the chambers are looking to keep the hype going until the game is ready for distribution. ∞

The Beeopoly game will feature Brecksville
and Broadview Heights businesses and
residents. Photo submitted.