Revere students place in Ohio Reflections competition

Revere students attending all four schools were invited to participate in the PTAs Reflection program. They entered in the categories of literature, music composition, photography, visual arts, dance choreography and film production. Twenty-eight Revere entries advanced to the Ohio competition, in which thousands of students competed. Six Revere students received awards. The works of two students, Isaac Bibro and Lillian Corman, have been sent to the National PTA for award consideration. 

PTA members Hillary Ash, Theresa Berry and Amy Furukawa co-chaired the competition.

Award of Excellence:  Advancedto the National PTA for further award consideration: Isaac Bibro, fourth grade, literature; Lillian Corman, second grade, visual arts.             

Award of Outstanding Achievement: Andrew Ash, eighth grade, photography; Madeline Cordray, twelfth grade, dance choreography.

Award of Merit: Dorothy Archinal, second grade, music composition.

Honorable Mention: Mallory Bernatovicz, seventh grade, visual arts. ∞