Bath trustees eulogize colleague

by Sheldon Ocker

April 10 township trustees meeting

Board President Sharon Troike spoke for all three Bath trustees in eulogizing Parks Director/assistant Service Director Alan Garner, who died on March 31 at the age of 42.

“Alan was a shining light in our organization,’’ she said. “He was a consummate professional, always gracious and polite, regardless of the situation. To know Alan even one day was to love him. He was a stellar individual, and we forever will be grateful that we served beside him.’’

Garner was hired to work in the parks department in July 2005 and was appointed head of the department in July 2014 after spending 5 1/2 months as interim director.

According to Township Administrator/Police Chief Vito Sinopoli, there is no statutory deadline for naming a successor to Garner, and he speculated that trustees would take their time.

Zoning issue

The process continues for the developer who wants to raze the Holiday Inn on Medina Road in Montrose and construct a Sheetz gas station and convenience store plus a Texas Roadhouse restaurant and another unidentified business.

A new developer, Lance Osborne, has taken over the project.

A public hearing will be held on the matter at 6 p.m., May 3, before the board of trustees. Trustees must decide to allow the zoning change, deny the change, or ask for modifications within 20 days after the public hearing.

   New tasers approved

Trustees approved spending $15,000 per year for five years to acquire 23 new tasers for the police department. Also approved was a $3,000 expenditure to purchase accessories for the tasers, such as holsters and a docking station that relays information to police department computers.

The board ratified a request for $6,000 to replace dash cameras for six cruisers.

“Our cameras are about 6 1/2 years old, and the technology obviously has been changing and improving,’’ Sinopoli said.

Restoration project

Trustees ratified a request for $32,990 to continue restoration of a structure in the Bath Nature Preserve at 1581 Hickory Farm Lane. The township hopes to use the building as a rental property.

Expenses approved were for mold remediation, a 2 1/2 ton air conditioning unit, interior painting, refinishing hardwood flooring, kitchen improvements and floor replacement.

Trustees also approved spending $29,000 at 4400 Everett Rd. in the North Fork Preserve to install a new roof on the on-site building and for tree maintenance.

Other action

Trustees ratified spending $48,487 on a 2023 Ford Transit that will be used by the service department. In addition, trustees approved $8,525 for interior shelving and an exterior lighting system for the new vehicle.

The township will switch to using the Ohio Attorney General’s Office to collect delinquent medical bills rather than a private company. The state does not charge for the service. ∞