Ohio State Bar Association launches educational website on judge candidates

The Ohio State Bar Association launched judicialvotescount.org for the May 2023 primary elections. The website provides access to quality, unbiased information about the candidates for judge who will be on the ballots.

Voters who visit the site can also learn about Ohio’s court system, judicial requirements and responsibilities, as well as important dates and other information about the upcoming election, including recent voting law changes.

“Voters should know as much about the candidates for judge on their ballot as they do any other candidates for public office because judges make decisions that affect the everyday lives of Ohioans, especially at the municipal court level,” Ohio Bar CEO Mary Amos Augsburger said. “But many people say that they skip voting in these races because they don’t have enough information about the candidates or what judges do. Judicialvotescount.org provides voters with that information so that they can turn in a complete ballot.”

This year, 16 counties have judicial races on their primary ballots for municipal court seats. Candidates in those races were invited to provide information about their personal backgrounds, credentials and endorsements with Ohio voters via a standard questionnaire prior to the May primary. ∞