Raising Healthy Kids in a Sick World

by Dr. Andrew T. Brady, Chiropractic Physician

We currently have the sickest generation of kids America has ever seen. Roughly 30% of our children suffer from a chronic health condition. Rates of autism, ADHD, depression, asthma, diabetes and other neurological problems in children are at an all-time high, and it’s not because of bad luck or bad genes.
When my son was born, I knew we were going to do things a little different than the “norm,” because the norm is a huge part of why American children have become so sick. Here are a few things that we do for our sons that you can do to help yours get healthy and to stay well!

  1. Eliminate dairy – Dairy in the U.S. contains a form of beta casein that is associated with autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies, ear infections and even autism. If eliminating dairy is just not possible, purchase milk or dairy from “A2” cows.
  2. Eliminate sugar – Today 20% of a child’s diet consists of refined sugar. Sugar binds to vitamin C receptors in the body and lowers immune function, causes heart disease, mood swings and hyperactivity and increases inflammation.
  3. Avoid overuse of antibiotics – Our children are being pumped full of antibiotics. These days it is uncommon for a newborn baby to leave the hospital without having received antibiotics. The overuse of antibiotics wipes out the immune system and may contribute to chronic infections, autism, asthma and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
  4. Play – Allowing children to run around and play outside is imperative for optimal health and development. Sadly, only a small percentage of children these days get 30 minutes of outdoor play time. Playing outside has been a part of growth and development ever since we were put on this earth.
  5. Organic foods – Buying organic foods will ensure that your children are not consuming Genetically Modified Organisms. GMOs are one of the greatest health threats that we face today and are in just about everything. Consuming GMOs has been found to be causal in cancer development, neurological problems, allergies and gastrointestinal diseases.
  6. Supplementation – Children are typically deficient in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D. These should be supplemented to ensure healthy development of the nervous system and to keep the immune system strong.
  7. Adjustments – Chiropractic adjustments help ensure proper growth and development of the spine and nervous system. Children who get regular spinal adjustments have fewer ear infections, colic, gastrointestinal problems, ADHD, asthma, and overall fewer sick days.


Dr. Andrew T. Brady,Chiropractic Physician

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