The Mayor’s Corner – Mayor Jeffrey L. Anzevino

Spring & The 3 Pillars

The month of March will soon welcome us to the first day of spring on March 20. Days will be filled with more sunshine, warmer air, flowers abloom and the many sounds of nature returning from winter hibernation. Springtime, much like the fall, is one of my favorite times of the year. The spring weather allows us to return to an increase in outdoor activities, more social events with our friends and neighbors as well as an overall feeling of warmth, joy and opportunity.

This past month of February, I helped to draft and signed a Proclamation for the Random Acts of Kindness week, which ran from Feb. 12-18 in Hudson. I was also busy with various events where I had the pleasure to present and highlight the many wonderful aspects of not only our great city, but also the amazing people in our community. Serving Hudson in my first year as your mayor has truly been my pleasure. I recently stated to a few different organizations, that I see my role as mayor centered around three pillars. Those pillars being: 1) Promote our city in a positive manner and during every opportunity that is afforded to me; 2) Professionally chair and lead our official government meetings of Hudson City Council; and 3) Add value and perspective, as applicable, with my seat at the table, as I am privy to all significant matters and discussions that come before the city.

I do want to acknowledge the engagement, passion and frustration with regard to some of the events and situations within our city as of late. Hudson is a wonderful place to live and work, raise a family and visit. We would be remiss to lose sight of all of the good things that have been established, are in process and make up the fabric of Hudson. As I have stated in the past and reminded residents more recently in several of our city council meetings, I am kindly asking for your civility, decorum and respect. These principles are a bedrock, or pillars if you may, of what a healthy and prosperous group, organization or community should be founded upon and keep ingrained into our culture.

On a final note, I have been working with the Hudson City School System to roll-out a 365 day challenge. This challenge is a follow-up to the Random Acts of Kindness week in February and an example of something positive that we should and can focus on year-round. This challenge will start by focusing on the youth of Hudson and cover all grade levels. My challenge to the students, and all residents, is to continue to show kindness, perform good deeds and strive to be a model citizen. The school administration and myself will be recognizing and rewarding those who are exemplary illustrations of those three pillars.

Please continue to reach out, be engaged and consider my other request to “Follow My Lead.”

Thank you. ∞