Mayor’s Corner

The fire and police chiefs, the service director and I would like to recognize the following people who helped us with a difficult horse rescue on Feb. 3, on Brush road.

In Chief George Seifert’s own words, “Our fire crew included fire medics Robert Benza, Dan Pierce, Tom Sullivan, Daisy Stiegelmeyer, and Lt. Eric Ellis. From the service department we had Matt Byrd, Justin Ziolkowski, John Luther, and Chuck Soulek. From the police department we had Douglas McArtor. It was another example of excellent teamwork to help resolve a problem. We were able to get the horse back on its feet and to the barn. Unfortunately, the horse succumbed to its injuries the following day. Our personnel, through problem solving and teamwork, gave him a fighting chance! It was a privilege to lead them and watch them work on this unique request for our services.”

So far this year council has approved my appointments of Jim Turk to BZA (2023-2027), Pat Buckner to Cemetery Board (2023-2024), Teri Moran to Park Board (2023-2027), Steve Hoffman to Park Board (2023-2024), Diane Nagy to Tree & Landscape Commission (2023-2025), Monica Day to Planning & Zoning (2023-2026), Pat Buckner to Cemetery Board (2023-2025), and Lois Czekaj to the Human Services Commission (2023-2025).

 Through Jan. 31, we collected $2,189,775 of the $34,007,745 budgeted for all funds revenue, or 6.4% of the budget. In 2022, we collected $33,529,586 in total. On the expenditure side, by Jan. 31 the village expended $1,976,942 overall, or 4.5% of the $44,158,335 budgeted for expenditures.

If you have question, concerns or comments, please contact me or my executive assistant at 330-659-9201, ext. 234, or email me at ∞