Board member moves on

Revere Local Schools Board of Education member Mike Kahoe’s resignation became official after he had announced he was leaving to be program manager for the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation.

“I want to thank the community,’’ he said. “A little over three years ago, it was the Revere community that elected me to serve on this board. They trusted me to help govern the schools that teach their children.’’

It is believed that Kahoe is the youngest person ever to be elected to public office in Ohio. He was 18 and a Revere High senior when he ran for a seat on the board in 2019.

“I was not a big fan of yours at first,’’ said board member Hayden Hajdu. “But getting to know you, we became friends, and you’ve done an awesome job.’’

The next move

Board President Keith Malick said the board has 30 days (from Feb. 27) to fill the seat vacated by Kahoe. Residents of the district interested in serving out Kahoe’s unexpired term must apply online by March 5. Board members will select those they want to interview.

“We hope to have the position filled by our next regular meeting, March 1,’’ Malick said.

The board also must appoint someone to represent Revere on the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center board, following the resignation of Richfield Village councilperson Bobbie Beshara. Both terms expire on Dec. 31, 2023.

More information can be found on the Revere web site. ∞