Police Beat

Information provided by the Independence Police Department

Jan. 1—Three males were smoking marijuana within their vehicle in a Patriot’s Way hotel parking lot. Police ordered the men out of the car, and a probable cause search of the car found firearms. One male was charged with having weapons under disability and the other two, both 19, were charged with improperly handling a firearm in a motor vehicle.

A man was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal damaging after causing a disturbance at a W. Creek Road hotel.

Officers responded to a Patriots Way hotel for report of an intoxicated male destroying items in a hotel room.

Police were dispatched to a W. Creek Road hotel to stop a fight in progress involving 15 to 20 people.

Jan. 2—During a traffic stop on Rockside Road, the driver fled from the police officer, resulting in a car chase. The driver crashed into a light pole at Broadway and I-490, and after fleeing on foot, was taken into custody by an Independence police officer and RTA Police.

Jan. 4—A female was charged with theft from a Brecksville Road store. During a search incident to arrest, police found an illegal firearm in the female’s bag.

Jan. 8—A dog was left alone in a W. Creek Road hotel room for 36 hours without food. Police will charge the owner with cruelty to animals after they make contact with him.

Jan. 9—Police found a stolen vehicle in a Quarry Lane hotel parking lot.

Jan. 13—Officers took custody of an intoxicated male at a Quarry Lane hotel. The male had a key to a vehicle in the parking lot, which was registered under another name. Police found firearms in the vehicle, and the male in question had over 98 grams of illegal drugs on his person.

Jan. 16—A female was arrested for prostitution at a Quarry Lane hotel. The arrest was predicated on an investigation into people advertising sex for hire within the city.

Warrant pickups: 6

Warrant drop-offs: 3