Police Beat

Information provided by the Broadview Heights Police Department

Jan. 4 – Police responded to a Tollis Parkway residence after receiving a report of a shattered patio door. The tenant told officers she opened her blinds to find the damage and had been hearing gunshots in the area. Police continue to investigate.

Jan. 6 – Police were called to the Broadview Heights post office after hours by a delivery driver who spotted a male in a restricted area opening packages. The driver said the suspect ran from the scene on foot after he pulled his vehicle closer to him. Police searched the area and later found the suspect hiding in a dumpster. He was cited on charges of theft, obstructing official business and criminal trespassing.

Jan. 6 – A West Royalton Road resident came to the station to report that her mailbox had been defaced with red and blue paint sometime overnight.

Jan. 7 – A Tollis Parkway resident came to the station to report that her firearm was stolen or missing. She told police she wanted to go to the range that day but the gun was missing from the closet in her condo.

Jan. 7 – A driver pulled over near the Pleasant Valley Road exit of Interstate 77 was arrested on charges of OVI after police after performing poorly on sobriety tests. Police located a loaded 9-mm handgun under the vehicle’s driver’s seat and a medium bag containing several small bags of marijuana in the glove box. The driver was placed on administrative license suspension and was cited for weaving and improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle.

Jan. 9 – A Seneca Boulevard resident came to the station to report that the catalytic converter had been stolen from her Honda CR-V as it was parked in her driveway.

Jan. 10 – A Brecksville man was cited on charges of OVI, open container, speed and following too closely after he pulled up behind a police cruiser. The officer located open bottles of alcohol in the car. The suspect refused a breath test and was transported to the North Royalton Jail.

Jan. 10 – A Broadview Heights couple came to the station to report that a dog attacked their dog as they were out walking. The scuffle caused the couple’s dog injuries, and the pet had to be taken to the emergency vet for injuries. Police were able to contact the attacking dog’s owner who was subsequently cited for allowing his animal to roam at large.

Jan. 11 – Police responded to the city’s splash pad after a city worker found spray paint splattered on a light post base and two city signs located near the playground.

Jan. 12 – A city resident contacted police to report that a $38 check he’d written to pay his sewer bill had been altered and cashed for $4,900. Police say the check had been mailed at the city’s post office.

Jan. 17 – A city resident came to the station to report that a check he’d written for $63 had been fraudulently altered and cashed for $3,000. The man said he mailed the check with his electric bill at the city’s post office.

Jan. 25 – A Broadview Heights man came to the station to report that a check he’d written for $20 had been fraudulently altered and cashed for more than $5,700. The complainant contacted his bank, which has placed a hold on his account.

Jan. 25 – A driver was arrested after being pulled over for speed and driving outside marked lanes on Interstate 77 and the officer discovered she had an active license suspension for having 12 points and non-compliance. The driver was also found in possession of a small amount of marijuana. Her vehicle was towed to the scene.

Jan. 25 – Police responded to a Tollis Parkway apartment building after a tenant reported hearing fireworks. After investigating, the officer reported hearing the sound of kids giggling in a nearby apartment and questioned the parent who said her children were inside the residence when the fireworks were detonated.

Jan. 26 – Police responded to an Edge View Terrace site where a contractor reported his vehicle had been damaged on the front left side. The man said he suspects one of the commercial cement dump trucks on scene that day may be responsible.

Jan. 26 – Police responded to a Broadview Road resident’s complaint that all the food in his refrigerator was missing, along with all the hangers and $900 cash that had been stored in his closet. The man told police that nobody had access to the apartment other than the landlord. Police contacted the landlord who said the complainant was in the process of being evicted and said he threw away the food because it was spoiled. He denied taking the cash.

Jan. 29 – Police responded to a Tollis Parkway residence after a resident reported finding a gun while she was out walking her dog. Police said the chamber was empty, but the gun had been loaded with 11 rounds of 9 mm ammunition. The gun has not been claimed. Jan. 31 – A Scenicview Drive resident called police report her ex-husband was standing outside her apartment and throwing snowballs at her window and yelling at her saying she owed him money. The suspect was issued a trespass warning and has agreed not to return to the apartment complex.