Student writers, artists featured in literary magazine

One of North Royalton High School’s most appreciated and valued traditions is the publication of “Inkwell,” a literary magazine celebrating excellence in student writing, art and photography.

On Dec. 6, the 2023 edition was unveiled and celebrated in a room filled with family, friends, teachers and staff.  Royal Harmony began the evening by singing a medley of holiday songs.

English/language arts teacher and Inkwell advisor Stacie Leatherman welcomed everyone and shared how fortunate the students at NRHS are because not every school offers an opportunity like this to be published in a magazine very similar in style to collegiate and professional literary magazines. 

“We have so many wonderful opportunities for band, choir and theater at our high school, and this is a chance for our writers and artists, those in the “quieter arts,” meaning those who work more individually, to shine,” said Leatherman.

Inkwell is a full-color magazine, nearly 80 pages long, filled with artwork, photography and various forms of writing from NRHS students.  High school students are encouraged to submit their pieces in the fall and then students in the creative writing classes read and select the stories, poems, and artwork to be published in the magazine.

This year’s magazine featured more than 70 pieces of work with the cover showcasing a painting by Aangee Vakil.

Artists featured in the 2023 Inkwell magazine include: Andrey Kuzmich, Dominic Lapeus, Edward Macek, Aedan Miller, Craig Minnick, Michaela Mlecik, Sofia Murguey, Connor Reynolds, Vanessa Vadovski, Aangee Vakil.

Writers featured include: Zachory  Brickman, Cheyenne Castello, Ryan Cutright, Elias Fong, Jenin Hamdan, Sana Hameed, Grace Kelley, Elijah Likowski, Jamie Lutz, Jaime Matlock, Kellen McAllister, Craig Minnick, Hope Mlecik, Gabriella Molek, Anaka Mormile, Jackson Mullen, Elijah Ondrish, Nyah Palmer, Miles Podlogar, Janhvi Pujan, Fae Sak, Claire Salek, Kierstin West, Gabriel Wood, Allen Winer, Vanessa Vadovski, Criss Ann Valenti, Cassidy Woodmancy, and Maram Zayour.

The community can view the Inkwell release celebration on the home page of the district website under District News. ∞