Police Beat

Information provided by the Broadview Heights Police Department

Dec. 15 – Police were dispatched to a Broadview Road business after an employee reported a female was destroying the office. Upon arrival, officers said the staff of the store was using folding tables to corral the suspect, who was out of breath and shouting, in the corner of the store. Police contacted paramedics, who responded to the scene to evaluate the suspect. No charges were filed.
Dec. 15 – Police responded to a Vineyard Drive apartment at the request of a tenant who reported giving her social security number to an unknown caller. The complainant told officers that a male called her home, identifying himself as a representative of the Cleveland Clinic, and asked for her social security number. The woman said she provided him with the information before realizing the call was suspicious. Police have since investigated and determined the number the caller used to contact the woman is not associated with the Cleveland Clinic.
Dec. 17 – Police were dispatched to a W. Royalton Road apartment building after a tenant reported a package had been stolen three days prior. The victim told officers she ordered an Xbox Series S from a website on Dec. 13 that was to be delivered to her home using a third-party delivery service the following day. As the delivery time neared, the complainant told officers she received updates regarding the package and noted it had been delivered to the front door of her building. The woman said she complained to both companies involved and they told her to file a police report as the delivery person no longer worked for the delivery service. The case remains under investigation.
Dec. 26 – An employee of a Broadview Road business came to the station to report that she had $200 taken out of her ZayZoom account, which is how she gets paid daily by her employer. She said on Dec.21, the money was removed from her account by an individual whom she does not know. She also told police nobody has access to her account. Police continue to investigate.
Dec. 28 – A Broadview Heights woman came to the station to report receiving a notice in the mail from her bank that a $6,000 check she had written was returned for having insufficient funds. The complainant told the officer she’d never written a check for that amount and that the original check was written for $450 which had been whited out and altered. She said she dropped off the check at the North Royalton Post Office where it was allegedly intercepted by a third party. Police continue to investigate.
Dec. 30 – Two men were arrested after they were pulled over after the driver of a vehicle entered the Interstate 77 south entrance ramp from the through-travel lane on state Route 82. The officer alleged the driver appeared nervous and was breathing heavily during the traffic stop. After the two suspects gave conflicting answers as to how long they had known each other, police asked the department’s K-9 officer to conduct a narcotics sniff of the vehicle. Inside, police found a loaded Glock magazine without a firearm and three bottles of hydrocodone-chlorphen. All three bottles were partially filled and had been filled that day. The passenger in the vehicle was subsequently arrested on charges of possession of controlled substances and cited for not wearing his seatbelt. The driver was cited for the traffic offense.
Dec. 30 – A Briarwood Drive resident came to the station to report someone opened three credit cards in her name and racked up nearly $12,000 in purchases in Massachusetts. Among the purchases were five cell phones totaling more than $4,700. The complainant told police she did not open the cards and hadn’t visited Massachusetts in more than 22 years. Through investigation, police discovered that the suspect used fake identification to open the accounts. The complainant has since filed an identity theft claim with the Federal Trade Commission.
Dec. 30 – A Tollis Parkway man contacted police after a check he mailed had been intercepted and forged to a different dollar amount. He told officers the original check had been written for $133 and the amount had been altered to $6,000. The check had been dropped off at a mailbox outside a Parma supermarket.
Dec. 31 – Police responded to a Tollis Parkway apartment where the daughter of the tenant, who did not speak fluent English, reported her brother acted violently toward her mother after he asked her for money to buy drugs and she refused. The complainant told officers that at one point the suspect allegedly grabbed a pocket knife and carried it around the apartment. The suspect was subsequently arrested after police discovered he had multiple warrants issued for his arrest by the city of Broadview Heights.
Jan. 1 – An Amelia Drive resident contacted police to report that her mailbox had been pulled out of the ground and thrown on the tree lawn across the street from her residence. There was no damage to the mailbox. However, she provided police with video footage recorded from the camera outside her house showing a group of five juvenile males walking on the street, two of whom stopped to pull out the mailbox while another individual struck an adjacent stop sign with what appeared to be a stick or metal rod. The woman thought she was able to identify one of the juveniles involved and police spoke with his parent who claims the boy could not have been responsible as he was at church with her that evening until 4 a.m.
Jan. 1 – Police responded to a Breckenridge Oval residence around 5:45 p.m. after it was reported that a 22-year-old male assaulted another male before fleeing the scene in a red SUV. Police located the suspect’s vehicle and pulled him over on Old Royalton Road where the suspect allegedly exited the vehicle and began to shout that he had been assaulted. During the traffic stop, police located a box cutter in the glove box. The suspect was arrested and charged with domestic violence and failure to comply with the order of a police officer. His parents later posted bond.
Jan. 3 – Police responded to a Tollis Parkway residence around 11:30 a.m. after receiving a report from a woman who claimed her kitchen window had been shattered by a rock. The complainant told officers she heard a loud bang near her kitchen two days prior but when she investigated, she didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. The next day, she took her dog for a walk and noticed the damage, along with a rock lying in the mulch outside her window. There are no suspects. ∞