Police Beat

Information provided by the Sagamore Hills Police Department

Dec. 5—A Chaffe Road resident requested help from the police in removing an unwanted guest who refused to leave.

Dec. 8—A Springledge Road resident called dispatch stating his wife called him to say her mother died, and during the conversation, the wife’s uncle told the resident he was going to shoot him. The resident’s wife stated this was not true, but her family did not want the resident to attend the funeral.

Officers responded to a Valley View Road residence to dispatch a sick raccoon in the backyard.

An officer observed a vehicle speeding on S. Boyden Road, and attempted to catch up with the vehicle to stop it. Due to the driver’s reckless driving, the chase was terminated for public safety.

Dec. 9—Police and Macedonia EMS responded to a Cyrus Lane residence for report of an unresponsive elderly female. She was later pronounced dead.

Officers responded to a Valley View residence for a welfare check. The female in question appeared to have taken several medications and was convinced by paramedics to go to the hospital.

Dec. 11—Police responded to a report of vandalism in the men’s locker room of a Village Club Drive clubhouse.

A male was reported stealing knit hats from a gas station on Olde 8 Road. It was determined the male was homeless and had also stolen clothing items from another store to keep warm in the winter.

Dec. 12—A resident reported a package was stolen from his front porch. The package had been delivered to the wrong address, and the resident’s neighbor had come to retrieve the package.

A raccoon bit an Inverlane Drive resident. The raccoon had been on the back of the resident’s dog and bit the resident when he grabbed and threw it.

Dec. 13—Officers responded to a Smithfield Drive residence for a psychiatric evaluation of a resident who was contemplating suicide.

Dec. 15—Police responded to a Chesapeake Drive residence when the resident stated his newly delivered phone had been stolen from his front porch.

Dec. 16—Officers dispatched a sick raccoon at a Holzhauer Road home.

Dec. 17—A Pipes Court resident reported her son had been the victim of telecommunications harassment.

Dec. 18—During a traffic stop on Troubadour Drive, police confiscated a fake ID from the young driver.

Dec. 19—Police responded to an Acre Drive home for a call of an unwanted guest. The unwanted guest was allegedly armed with a knife and had warrants out for his arrest.

Dec. 23—A Springledge Road resident was arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend’s daughter.

Dec. 26—Officers dispatched an injured deer on the side of Sagamore Road.

Dec. 27—A homeowner on Parkside Drive requested a response from the fire department after pipes had burst in her home and water was coming through the ceiling.

Officers reported to a house fire on Acorn Drive. One of the residents had started the fire with clothes in the upstairs bedroom. He was taken to the hospital for evaluation after he was determined to be a threat to himself and others.

Police were dispatched to a Wood Hollow Road home for a 911 hang up. The resident stated he and his girlfriend had argued and she used pepper spray, which contaminated his eyes.

Dec. 28—A S. Boyden Road resident reported her daughter had left a suicide note and last will and testament at the home and was missing. The daughter later called from a behavioral and psychiatric facility in Portage Path, stating she was safe.

Officers were dispatched to a Northfield Road gas station for report of a suspicious male refusing to leave. The male later walked out of the store, refused to stop when told by police and cut his carotid artery with a knife. He was taken to Akron General Hospital.

Dec. 29—Police joined several area police departments in pursuit of three males who had driven a stolen car, crashed it and fled on foot. The three suspects were located via drone in the backyard of Vincent Avenue in Northfield Village.

A resident reported potential tampering with the key fob of his wife’s vehicle. The fobs would not work to start the car and the dealership suggested a person using a scanner drove by, sabotaged the fobs and wiped the internal code to allow easier access to the vehicle. ∞