Macedonia Rec undergoes $350,000 in renovations

by Michele Collins
The Macedonia Recreation Center is showing off its new look, while still keeping its classic form.
The center has undergone $350,000 worth of renovations since August 2021 including new fitness equipment, new flooring, an expanded weight room, classrooms and a new “cross fit-type” turf exercise area near its entrance.
Jason Chadock, parks and recreation director for the city of Macedonia, joined the recreation team in 2020, and has been overseeing projects since his arrival.
Even with hundreds of feet of flooring installed, the center remained open during the renovation process.
“It really is a testament to our contractors and our staff that we were able to do all of this without closing,” Chadock said.
The decision to renovate came after the recreation staff presented new ideas to the Macedonia City Council. The center, which was built in 2000, had not been renovated for some time.
“In 2020, we realized we were looking at a 20-year-old facility with things like 18-year-old elliptical machines,” said Chadock. “We looked at what we could do to better meet the fitness needs of our current clientele.”
The center sees a variety of clientele with over 10,000 visits a month. Chadock said he and his staff try to balance the needs of current members with what activities will draw new members.
“We kept that classic equipment that people are used to using, but we also did things like expand our weight room area, adding two new racks and platforms,” he said.
One of the most prominent changes is visible as people enter the rec center. The reception desk has been moved.
“We relocated the large reception desk and put in a turf area where people can do ‘cross-fit-type activities,’ use kettle bells, and plyometric boxes,” Chadock said. “I would say these changes have been met with extreme excitement.”
Other changes have included tweaking classes including location and sizes. The Macedonia rec staff even introduced a new logo to brand the recreation center.

Another upgrade was made to the pool area.
“We have replaced the heaters on the hot tub, the activity pool and the lap pool,” Chadock said, adding that the center had to wait almost a year for the lap lanes to come in after ordering them.
“When you walk in it feels like a new center, the new rubberized flooring replaced what was about 20-year-old carpet in some areas. We also replaced some carpet with new, sleeker carpet tiles, which can be replaced one by one if a spill happens,” he said.
The new improvements were completed with the future in mind. Said Chadock, “We really have upgraded our facility into being a progressive, modernized center, while keeping those classics that people still want to enjoy.” ∞

The new turf fitness area at Macedonia Recreation Center is used for cross-fit type activities. It displays the center’s new logo in the center. Photo submitted.