How To Avoid Getting Taken Advantage of in Divorce

by Laurie Malone, Attorney and Mediator

Everybody going through a divorce wants to avoid being taken advantage of. So, what does a person need to do?
First, What Not To Do

  • Don’t believe everything you read on the web. What you are reading can apply to a different state or a different county, so it might not even apply to your situation.
  • Don’t believe everything your friends tell you. There can be differences in their situation, differences you don’t realize, so the appropriate outcome for your case might be completely different.
  • Don’t do it alone either. Some people believe they can learn everything they need to know on the web so they don’t retain professionals to assist them.
    What To Do
  • Hire an attorney, either as a consultant just for advice or to fully represent you. You have options in terms of how much you want an attorney to be involved. You can retain an attorney for just an hour or two so you can be educated and make good decisions.
  • Both spouses can together retain a mediator. A mediator will educate both spouses on the law, and help them determine what is best for them and their family.
    In General
    When people fight against each other they tend to get the worst results. When they work together, they get better results. People that don’t get along can still work together if they go through mediation, particularly if the mediator is a transformative mediator.
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