Zoning enforcement needed

To the Editor,

As a resident of the village for over 23 years, I feel the time has come to vent my frustrations over our lack of zoning enforcement. This year I called the zoning department several times, and the mayor, about issues I had spotted in my neighborhood. They both were very helpful and sympathetic to my problems at that time. However, they both said the same thing, that we don’t have a full-time zoning code enforcer. So, currently, the village only acts on citizen complaints.

In order to keep our housing stock desirable and safe we need to be more diligent and to be proactive about the yards and housing stock. I propose rental registrations, inspections on a regular basis of all streets, and enforcement of the existing rules on the books.

Please contact your councilperson or the mayor if you agree with my proposal.

Mike Messner
Paula Dr. ∞