RHP partner groups offer list of progress

To the Editor,

A letter in the December issue of the Richfield Times contained points concerning RHP that deserve clarification.  

RHP partner groups are not using Richfield tax dollars. They are bringing in funds through donations, grants and earned income.  Much has already been accomplished at no cost to Richfield residents:

• Amity House stabilized.
• North House stabilization in progress.
• Garfield Hall porch roof replaced.
• Tons of invasive plants removed. Native plants monitored and protected.
• Weekly trash pick up, latrine maintenance and cleaning.
• Bridle trails renewed, established and maintained. Horse trailer parking lot installed.
• Buckeye Trail segment created and maintained.
• Oviatt House age authenticated. Restoration in progress.
• Kirby’s Mill water wheel restored. Additional restoration in progress.

The facts do not support the statement that little progress has been made since 2014. Public property requires public input and study. Both take time.  In addition to the projects already listed, RJRD saved the lakes, restored the wastewater treatment plant, repaired roads, replaced roofs, upgraded The Lodge, nominated the property for the National Register of Historic Places, and more.   

The Friends of RHP and other partners have additional proposals and funding in place just waiting for a go-ahead.  We are very grateful to Richfield voters for saving the property and happy to keep our 2014 promise to provide support.  For details of the project list of the Friends of Richfield Heritage Preserve, visit friendsofrhp.org/about-us.html.

Lynn Scholle Richardson
Wandle Ave, Bedford ∞