Preschool parents group launches safety village fundraiser to commemorate golden anniversary

by Judy Stringer

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Hudson Preschool Parents in 2023, the organization will be raising funds for the construction of a permanent safety village, according to President Amy Andrews.

The village will be built adjacent to the existing playground at McDowell Early Learning School.

“This area will be used by preschool and kindergarten students for learning and play opportunities throughout the school day; Hudson Community Education & Recreation for Safety Town classes in the summer; and families that visit the playground outside of these times,” Andrews said. “Children will be able to learn traffic signals and the rules of the road as they move around the town, as well as engage in pretend play or games of hide and seek for fun with friends and family members.”

Andrews said HPP hopes to include many elements in the project design, including miniature buildings and shops recognizable from around Hudson; painting to mimic roadways and crosswalks; signage for streets and traffic safety; and working traffic signals such as a stoplight. The overall design of the safety village will be inclusive, Andrews added. HPP will work with the intervention team at McDowell “to include accessible, interactive elements for all children to explore, play with, and practice motor skills.”

Renderings of the space will be shared in early 2023.

HPP has created a designated fund at Hudson Community Foundation to assist in fundraising. This money will be used for project needs, Andrews said, such as grading and concrete, painting, electrical, and construction of buildings, seating and landscaping. Additional funds raised will be used for the ongoing maintenance of the safety village.

“Community support of this project is greatly appreciated,” she said. “We can’t wait to one day see children learning and playing in this space.”

Andrews can be reached at for any questions about the 50th Anniversary Fund or how to become involved. ∞