Police Beat

Information provided by athe RIchfield Police Department compiled by Ken Miles

A large box of marijuana was discovered by a local shipping company and turned over to police.

A resident turned in 54 pairs of brass knuckles she said she no longer wanted.

A resident on Maple Dr. stated her neighbors allow their dog to go number 2 in her yard. She supplied video evidence to support her complaint. The Richfield Animal Warden was notified.

Officers were asked to assist state troopers at the I-80 tollbooth, where a man covered in blood had been driving in circles. The man gave no information beyond getting in a fight with his wife. A witness saw the man and an unknown female in a dispute before the woman left on foot. The man was transported to the hospital for a knife wound. A search for the suspect at local businesses was futile. Time 5:20 a.m.

A woman traveling from Kentucky to Cleveland struck a parked car on I-77 north. She passed several field sobriety tests and was released to a friend. Marijuana and drug paraphernalia were confiscated. Time 2:00 a.m.

Someone stole two “road closed” signs that had been placed on Brush Road at Humphrey where a tree had fallen.

A man reported that after an evening of drinking, his girlfriend jumped on him and demanded his physical affection. When he declined, she hit him and bit him on the shoulder. Officers found her to be highly intoxicated. The man refused to press charges but officers advised the couple to separate for the night. Her mother picked her up. Time 12:30 a.m.

Officers responded to a call about a dispute on Dakota Road. Upon arrival the caller, his estranged wife and her brother met them. The man stated he and his soon-to-be ex were having a disagreement over the distribution of communal property, specifically a pile of firewood his soon-to-be and her brother were selling online. While this was going on, an individual waited in the driveway with a trailer load of wood. After some discussion and negotiation, it was decided the man in the driveway should keep the wood that was loaded but no further wood should be sold until equitable division should be determined. Soon after clearing, officers were called back to the property where the brother was attempting to set the remaining woodpile on fire. He was advised not to do that.

When a tractor-trailer on Brecksville Road stopped suddenly, an unsecured forklift in the trailer broke through the doors and landed on the roadway.

Meanwhile back at the motel:

Police responded to a report of loud banging noises coming from one of the rooms and someone yelling “wake-up.” No one answered the door but a man showed up and said he had earlier found the female occupant turning blue after using Fentanyl and he had administered NARCAN to her. The woman finally answered the door but refused medical attention. Drug trafficking is suspected at the motel and one room in particular is reported to receive short-term traffic with some frequency. Time 10 p.m.

A man reported another man had threatened to kill him while he was in the hot tub. When officers arrived, hotel staff said the caller was highly intoxicated and had returned to his room. A woman at the pool said the caller was “playing footsie” with children in the hot tub. The children’s male guardian confronted the caller and told him to leave the hot tub. When confronted by police, the caller said he was threatened for no reason. It was suggested the man not return to the pool area. Time 9:17 p.m.

A woman called to say her son was causing a disturbance and she wanted him to leave. She suspected her son was on drugs and he had threatened his brother. The man’s information was checked and an active warrant was discovered out of Parma. He was placed in handcuffs for transport. ∞