ODOT completes project to stabilize Furnace Run bank on Route 303

Furnace Run flows under the bridge on Route 303, east of I-77, at the bottom of two hills. The channel had migrated to form a sharp bend just west of the bridge, causing increased velocity of flow that resulted in severe erosion.

The embankment had eroded and was threatening the stability of the roadway.

ODOT recently completed the second stage of a stabilization effort on the banks.

In collaboration with Summit Metroparks and Cuyahoga Valley National Park, ODOT developed a long-term solution by realigning the stream channel. They installed rock structures along the banks to direct the flow under the bridge. In addition, they planted native riparian vegetation in the floodplain and placed biodegradable coir matting fabric, made from coconut husks, over the vegetation. Large logs placed perpendicular to the stream in sod mats and live plantings will also stabilize the stream bank. The plantings and the logs will create an ecological habitat and improve water quality in Furnace Run. 

Construction took place on land owned by Summit Metro Parks in Furnace Run Metro Park. Access was gained through the national park. ∞

Featured Photo:ODOT straightened the flow of Furnace Run underneath the Route 303 bridge. Photo by S. Serdinak.