Students in the News

by Sheldon Ocker

Among those recognized at the December meeting of the Revere Board of Education was a team of six Bath Elementary students responsible for starting each school day with announcements over the public address system.

Nathaniel Dolata, Georgia Mellion, Cece Childs, Annie Wilson, Gemma Sable and Anabelle Guo survived the tryout process that began with more than 50 competitors and included an audition judged by advisor Anita Coen.

“These six kids stood out,’’ she said.

Bath Principal Dan Fry calls them the “Voices of Bath,’’ and they entertained board members and visitors by taking turns delivering the kind of information their classmates hear daily.

That includes the weather forecast; what’s for lunch – “today it’s a meatball sub, tomorrow it’s meatball marinara pasta;’’ the day’s student birthdays; even jokes – “What do snowmen eat for lunch? Burrr-itos.’’

Taking action

Revere High students Alex Cable and Alaina Sample were recognized for taking the initiative in starting their own student organizations.

Sample uses periodic free time between classes to help students explore STEM careers. Cable heard about kids in school struggling with diabetes and began a support group.

“They recognized a need within the building and wanted to create something new,’’ said high school Principal Andrew Peltz.

The creative process

Five Revere Middle School students were acknowledged for using video to broadcast the morning announcements on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Daphne Tucker, Emma Dauterman, Olivia Merolla, Lila Papay and Kathryn Parson are among those responsible for interviews, scripts, presentation and production of the videos.

Good people

Richfield Elementary students Jackson Sheu and Marin Popa were recognized for their cooperative natures, kindness and helpfulness.

“Jackson really works well with others, is a great communicator and collaborator,’’ said Richfield teacher Rachel Alaimo of Sheu.

“Marin always finds a way to include everyone in activities, lend a helping hand and be a friend when a classmate needs it most,’’ said Richfield teacher Samer Rinehart of Popa.

Other news

A team from Revere High competed against Hawken and Benedictine on TV’s Academic Challenge Dec. 6. The program will be aired on WEWS (Ch 5) on Feb. 11.

Eighth-grader Ayushman Mukherjee won the 2022-23 Revere Middle School spelling bee and will compete in the Akron regional tournament in March. Seventh-grader Alison Linderbaum was runnerup.

The PTA raised more than $8,000 with a pancake breakfast at Richfield Elementary in December. ∞