Revere board funds two construction projects

by Sheldon Ocker

Dec. 13 school board meeting

The Revere Board of Education gave final approval to fund the school district’s current construction projects, which together total $1 million.

According to board Treasurer Rick Berdine, building a new entrance to the high school football stadium will cost the district $650,000. The second project, creating a new playground at Richfield Elementary School, which will include equipment for special needs kids, has a price tag of $350,000 to the district.

In addition, the playground project received a large donation from the Richfield Elementary PTA plus smaller contributions.

“I was told one day not that long ago that we were going to get $20,000 from them [PTA] for what we call Phase 2 of the playground renovation,’’ Berdine said, adding that two days later, the PTA treasurer dropped off a check for $45,000.

Berdine said there is one more hurdle to clear with Bath Township before the stadium project can be bid out.

The list of donations to the district for the month included $4,000 from the Revere All Sports Booster Club to the golf program.

“It goes toward our golf simulator, which shipped today,’’ Berdine said.

Berdine noted that varsity golf coach David Archer played a key role in funding the simulator by contributing his salary of about $4,000 per annum for three years. The cost of the golf simulator was borne by other contributors, as well.

Other donations for the month included $250 given by Robert Carlyon to the Revere Players and a 3-D printer, valued at $500, donated to the Revere High STEM program by Amy Szalay.

During Berdine’s financial report, he told the board that interest rates remain favorable for investment.

“Interest rates continue to grow,’’ he said. “At this time a year ago, we were earning .08% on our overnight money. I expect this week it will exceed 4% on our overnight money. Fortunately, we’re not borrowing money.’’

   2023-24 calendar approved

The board approved the calendar for the 2023-24 school year, which begins on Aug. 22 for students and ends on May 30.

“I think Aug. 16 [actually Aug. 18 for teachers] is extremely early,’’ board member Diana Sabitsch said. “I’ll vote for the calendar, but I think it’s bad to go back that early. I’d rather you were in there in June; it’s cooler than August, when it’s 90 degrees. But I understand that’s what the teachers wanted, so that’s what they’re getting.’’

Thanksgiving break will be Nov. 23-27; winter vacation will run from Dec. 20 through Jan. 2, 2024. Spring break will begin March 22 and end March 31.

   Policy changes

The board approved two policy changes, one that concerns memorials, another that affects gifts to the district.

The new policy on gifts states that no gift can bear the name of an individual, organization or company. But the superintendent can approve a temporary sign on school property acknowledging the donor (A different board policy governs naming rights).

Memorials honoring individuals will be limited to endowments or scholarships.

   Other action

Current board President Keith Malick was elected president pro tem, which means he will run the yearly organizational meeting Jan. 10 in the administration building before the 5:30 p.m. work session. ∞