Bath Elementary Students of the Month

Grade 3: Sophia Zatelli 
Sophia comes to school every day with a kind and positive attitude, and is friendly to all her classmates. She is studious and diligent about turning in her best work for every assignment. Sophia is always willing to help anyone in need.

Grade 4: Janhavi (Vivi) Chandurkar
Vivi puts forth her greatest effort and is always willing to lend a helping hand. When a student or a teacher needs help, Vivi graciously and respectfully accepts with a smile on her face. She is a loyal friend and an incredible asset to the class.

Grade 4: Ben Welliver
Ben moved here from Columbus and has already made many friends. Ben is an engaged learner and offers good insight to class discussions. He is a kind, helpful and polite member of the class. He works well with others and does his fair share on group projects.  

Grade 5: Wyatt Huecker 
Wyatt is a conscientious student and a leader in the classroom. Wyatt has a kind heart and is often spotted helping others without being asked. Putting up chairs, cleaning up the floor and straightening the reading center are all jobs Wyatt does when no one is looking. ∞