Trustees Corner by Trustee David DePasquale

I was with Police Chief David Hayes in late November going over the end-of-the-year budget. When we took a break, he shared a case Officer Victoria Miavitz had worked on in October. Hayes indicated he was initially upset that he had to give Miavitz such a tough case. Crime has been low again this year and Det. Lt. Dan Rice has worked 90% of all cases. Rice was unavailable, and Miavitz was asked to fill the gap.

What shocked Hayes was the brazen attitude of a daytime burglar. A resident came home from a shopping trip only to see a man in the backyard. The burglar was so casual, the resident thought he was from the gas company or water department. He sauntered away from the residence. This was a pretty good sign this wasn’t his first burglary. When the resident went in the house, she realized she had been burglarized.

During the first week of the case, Miavitz interviewed all the usual suspects and came up empty. The only lead was a pair of stolen earbuds, which turned up in a bank parking lot in Copley. Miavitz also contacted all the surrounding police departments for any leads or evidence that may apply to her case. She got some evidence from Macedonia, which she felt might be useful. At about the same time, the burglar used the victim’s credit card in Brimfield Township. Miavitz worked with the Brimfield Police Department and was able to find a suspect.

Working with the evidence she received from Macedonia and Brimfield, she was able to issue a warrant for the burglar’s arrest. The man lived in Kent, Ohio, but he was detained in Northfield Village. It turned out to be Miavitz’s lucky day. The burglar’s girlfriend was pulled over for a traffic violation. The burglar got a little mouthy with Northfield Village Police and they ran his name, saw Miavitz’s warrant, and brought him over to Sagamore Hills. When Miavitz interviewed the burglar, she was able to find out his occupation. He was an actor with a film company in California. He then lawyered up, refusing to speak to Miavitz any further.

Hayes said that Miavitz did an excellent job. The burglar might be wanted by five or six different departments. He told me the burglar’s next role would be “Jail House Rock.” The man awaits trial.

In November, Miavitz was asked to do a house check on a resident who lives alone. The neighbor had called several days in a row with no answer. At the house check, the individual was found deceased in his bed. There was no contact information in the house of who to call in an emergency. Trustee Paul Schweikert knew the deceased had a sister in Texas. She was notified. Hayes asks residents to have a contact number in a very visible place if they live alone. Have an emergency name and number so a family member can be contacted.

Have a Merry Christmas and a safe, prosperous New Year! ∞