Trustees agree they don’t want interchange

by Chris Studor

Oct. 19 township trustees meeting

Trustees voted unanimously to oppose a proposed new interchange on Interstate 71 at Boston Road in Brunswick.

The resolution, proposed by Trustee Melissa Augustine stated the board’s objections stem from the fact that the proposed interchange would increase vehicular and large industrial traffic on W. 130th Street in Hinckley, posing several safety concerns.

Augustine said the proposed interchange has been in discussion several times in recent decades, however the city of Strongsville recently spent approximately $319,000 on a feasibility study for the project.

“I think Strongsville is more serious this time,” she said. “But this interchange would affect the health and safety of our township residents,” said Augustine.

Initially, trustees Jack Swedyk and Monique Ascherl said they were undecided as to whether the interchange would be an advantage or detriment to the community.

“I see both points [easing congestion on state Route 82] and the fact that the Boston Road interchange would create a higher probability of theft for businesses in Hinckley,” said Ascherl.

When it came time to vote on the resolution, Swedyk and Ascherl joined Augustine in opposing the interchange project.

In other business, trustees continued their discussion on how to spend approximately $900,000 in American Rescue Plan funds the township has received and also rejected a request from the Hinckley Chamber of Commerce on behalf of local businesses to post holiday greeting signs on township-owned property.

Trustees agreed that if they allowed the chamber to post signs they would also have to allow other organizations to post signs advertising upcoming events.