Grinch arrives at annual Pay family lighting display

by Chris Studor

            With all the smiles and warm holiday cheer the annual Pay family holiday lighting display brings, it’s unlikely that the newest display – a wooden display of the Grinch attempting to steal Christmas presents – will put a damper on the spirits of the hundreds of guests that visit the display each year at 1007 Westwind Trace.

            During the weekend of Nov. 5, the Pay family, including Jeff, Kara and their children, Austin, Mason and Alyssa, along with several extended family members, worked together to place nearly 100 lighted displays along their 800-foot driveway. Among the displays is a dragon, one of Jeff’s first purchases while Kara’s favorite is the “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” display. A frogs display, she says, comes in a close second.

There’s also a Christmas moose in a pick-up truck, Santa’s workshop, a nativity scene, musical band and gingerbread children jumping rope. On a small island in the front yard lake is an ambulance, as Jeff is an emergency room physician; more snowmen and a tropical display. As you near the front of the house, with wreaths perched on each roof eave, a light display that reads, “The North Pole,” outlines the front doorway.

            Tradition calls for Kara to pull the switch on the evening of Thanksgiving and the display will remain up until Jan. 2. Weekday hours are 5:30-10 p.m. and 5:30-11 p.m. on the weekends. The displays can be viewed from the street, however the Pays invite guests to tour all the way up their driveway as there is a turnaround by the front door.

            “I’m often asked if all the traffic makes me crazy and it’s never been an issue,” said Kara. “In fact, last year we had several nursing homes call and ask if they could bring a van of residents and they are most welcome. I love how the little children in the neighborhood will come by several times throughout the holidays.”

Featured Photo: It’s tradition for members of the Pay family to gather in early November to help start setting up about 100 light displays which run along the Pay’s Westwind Trace driveway for all to see during the holiday season. Pictured are; (front left to right) Owen Pay, Tyler Kruse, Alyssa Pay, Kara Pay (standing left to right) Victor Beleske, Mason Pay, Russ Pay, Mark Trojan, Ron Kruse, Vern Hamric, Jeff Pay, Austin Pay, Tim Kruse and Jason Kruse. Photo by Chris Studor