Praise for volunteers

To the Editor:

I was fortunate to be part of the recent One in a MILL-ion Centennial Celebration at Richfield Heritage Preserve, sponsored by the Friends of RHP. 

It was an unforgettable experience and a worthwhile cause, honoring the legacy of inventor James Kirby and the 100th anniversary of his iconic, and now working, water wheel at Kirby’s Mill, set amid the 336 acres of RHP.

While learning some history of RHP, I came to appreciate this unique treasure – as a natural respite from hectic, daily life; as the guardian of historic structures that embrace and honor the storied past; as an educational and scientific resource melding history and opportunity; and as a legacy to be preserved and conserved. I also saw the vision of some community leaders committed to ensuring the future of this site – the nonprofit Friends of RHP.

Their devotion to RHP is beyond commendable and was evident prior to and the day of the event. I was awed by their hard work and tireless dedication. I witnessed their collective outpouring of devotion to a cause beyond themselves. I was impressed by their selfless passion focused on restoring, preserving, and celebrating the heritage and history of this acreage. I applaud their foresight, and their giving of time, talents and treasures to honor a legacy of creativity and invention.

Thank you, Friends of RHP, for the intangible gift of protecting a community treasure and practicing stewardship for this incomparable natural resource. The future of Richfield Heritage Preserve is secure in your dedicated hands.

Jody Miller Konstand
Bath, Ohio