Condition of Route 303 remains problematic; sidewalks repaired

by Sue Serdinak

Nov. 1 village council meeting

The extremely rutted condition of the south side of state Route 303 between Town Hall and Broadview Road continues to plague drivers.

The problem is that the installation of pipes for Cleveland Water was stalled because of a delay in the materials to fabricate the pipes.

Service Director Scott Waldemarson said the main pipeline has been installed under the roadway, but the connections to individual properties have not been completed. He explained that those connections would be made in the right of way, not in the roadway where the main pipe has been laid.

After the connections are made, Waldemarson said, the pipeline will be tested for leaks then chlorinated. After the chlorination, the roadway can be resurfaced. However, asphalt plants have closed for the winter

ODOT plans to repave all of Route 303 in 2023. In the interim, Cleveland Water said it will not pay for pavement repair, but it works with an asphalt company that has not closed for the winter that the village could use. Waldemarson said he requested an estimate of the temporary repair.                                                                               

Days after the council meeting, Mayor Michael Wheeler said he was asking Cleveland Water to pay to repair the road surface.


The good news for Richfield pedestrians is that several sections of heaving sidewalk along West Streetsboro and Broadview roads are being replaced.

The village has installed flashing lights for a crosswalk on Broadview Road near the Richfield Heritage Preserve. The crosswalk will be finished in 2023.

In the Kinross Lakes office park, a 5.5-foot-wide pedestrian lane, has been marked on the new pavement.


Police Chief Michael Swanson reported that another elderly resident was scammed of a significant amount of money. Swanson said it was an elaborate swindle in which the scammers posed as Amazon staff then as Social Security agents. “The scammer kept the victim on the phone while instructing her to purchase gift cards, Bitcoin and make a wire transfer.’’

He said the scammers are very convincing.

Fire Chief George Seifert said that Lt. Kevin Urban spent a full day at Richfield Elementary School teaching fire safety to 690 students.

Seifert said that fire vehicles continue to have mechanical problems.

Swanson and Seifert said both departments have a shortage of part-time help and they are conducting interviews. Swanson announced that part-time dispatcher Amy Anter recently submitted her resignation.

EMS recognition

Several safety forces employees were recently honored at the EMS Star of Life award ceremony in Columbus, which recognized individuals whose outstanding achievements rise above day-to-day excellence in patient care.

Richfield fire medics Robert Benza, David Kren, Jason Purkey and Seifert; police officers Joel Meister and Doug McArtor; and dispatcher Nicole Keserich responded to an accident on I-77 on Sept. 12, 2021, when a 24-year-old man was struck beside his disabled car and both his legs were severed below the knee.  The man remained trapped inside the car.  

The quick action of the Richfield safety staff to extricate him, and Marc Wegryn, Justin Eastwood and George Miu of the Medevac team, saved the man’s life.

Carter-Pedigo Trail

Parks and Recreation Director John Piepsny said he is seeking suggestions to enhance the experience along the Carter-Pedigo Trail. He is also looking for instructors for 2023 recreational programs. Anyone with suggestions for the trail or who has an interest in teaching should contact him at ∞

Featured Photo: The village created a walking path on the side of the roadway of Kinross Lakes Blvd. for pedestrians in the office park. Photo by S. Serdinak.