City Manager’s Desk

by Thomas Sheridan

2022 was a very busy year, as the city completed a number of major initiatives and started new projects.

With the easing of the pandemic and new businesses opening in Hudson, we anticipate ending the year on a strong financial note, with income tax revenue projected to be up 10%. The city continues to maintain its AAA credit rating, which allows us to borrow money at lower interest rates, saving money. We are one of only a few cities in Ohio with this highest rating.  

Our economic development efforts continue to grow and will be a priority in the coming years. Hudson businesses managed to weather the pandemic downturn, and several new businesses joined the growing Hudson business community, while others renovated their facilities in Hudson.

A new hospital medical facility is being built on Seasons Road. Cleveland Steel Container opened its doors on Executive Parkway, and the Peg Foundation is building a new facility downtown. ACME Fresh Market on West Streetsboro Street, the Baldwin-Buss House on Park Lane, and the building at 5 Aurora St. on the corner of SR 91 have major investments in renovation of these facilities. In addition to business growth, a number of new housing developments also are underway throughout the city.

With a retirement this month, we have brought a new economic development director to continue our economic development efforts.

This year, we added popular amenities for citizens, including the new tennis/pickleball courts at Barlow Farm Park and an electric vehicle charging station in the lower level of the downtown parking terrace.

Infrastructure continues to be a priority with the South Main Street Widening project near the DrugMart Plaza, a new sidewalk on South Darrow and Middleton roads from state Route 91 to I-480, and the addition of a traffic signal at Stow and Middleton roads, which will be completed in the spring of next year. These are just a few of the many projects that were in construction this year.

Work also was begun on Veterans Trail Phase 3, part of the city’s sidewalk and trail connectivity plan. The Barlow Community Center Pond Project and Herrick Park Pond project were two important stormwater initiatives undertaken this year, and crews are finishing up the installation of a new, one-mile water line along Seasons Road.

We continue to look to the future with the selection of a steering committee to lead the development of the next comprehensive plan, which is a guide for future improvements in Hudson. The committee began its work in November, and the comprehensive plan is anticipated to be completed in 2023. The process will involve extensive citizen input throughout the coming year. Be sure to sign up for the city’s E-News to get updates on the citizen input process.

December is a month filled with winter special events, so check our website for what’s on our calendar. We wish everyone a Joyous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.  ∞