Seniors participate in senior exit interview day

Seniors at North Royalton High School took part in the annual senior exit interview day Nov. 2, with the assistance of Cuyahoga Valley Career Center Career Specialist Jill Larson.

The senior exit portfolio and interview is a graduation requirement of North Royalton High School. The process begins as students enter their freshman year and continues through senior year and is designed to provide students an opportunity to demonstrate the skills necessary to move successfully from high school to continued education or the world of work.

The portfolio has evolved over time from a traditional portfolio to an electronic portfolio. This year, students were required to develop a website that represents who they are and what they have achieved in their time at North Royalton High School. 

Components of the portfolio are completed in social studies and English classes over their four years in school. The portfolio contains a resume, reference sheet, cover letter, transcripts and student achievements. Students are also required to complete post-high school explorations.

Finally, as seniors prepare for graduation, they are required to present their website portfolios to a senior exit interview team, which consists of a panel of teachers and community members.

“Because North Royalton High School truly believes in the value of the senior exit portfolio and interview, the entire high school staff is dedicated to helping our students complete this very important project,” said Principal Sean Osborne.

During the senior exit interview, students explain the various pieces of their portfolio. The interview also gives the panel the opportunity to ask students questions pertaining to the various pieces of the portfolio and their accomplishments during their time at NRHS. “With more and more universities requiring internships and co-op experiences during their early years of college, our students will be better prepared to compete for these opportunities,” Osborne said.