Police Beat

Information provided by the Sagamore Hills Police Department

Oct. 3—A resident reported a fraud attempt by phone when a man claiming to be from Amazon said his account was hacked and money was being moved from the resident’s bank account. No money was lost.

Oct. 4—While responding to a vehicle accident on Dunham Road, officers found the driver was intoxicated and charged her with OVI and BAC.

Oct. 6—An Aurora Road resident reported that a juvenile shot her grandson with a toy firearm that discharges water-based gel balls, causing welts. The juvenile’s mother said the balls don’t hurt and melt on contact. Police said no charges were necessary.

Oct. 7—Police responded to a Canyon View Road residence for report of a resident attempting suicide. The resident was transported to Marymount Hospital to speak with a doctor.

Officers responded to a Greenwood Parkway residence when the resident’s wife was reportedly beating the door and wouldn’t leave. The wife did not live at the home and was cited with disorderly conduct when she purposely rammed her car door into the car next to her at the home.

Oct. 8—Sagamore police assisted the Northcoast Behavioral Health Police Department on Sagamore Road with a lockdown when a man called threatening to shoot up the health center.

Oct. 9—A resident at a Canyon View Road residence reported her neighbor had stolen and destroyed a security camera outside her door.

Oct. 17—A resident filed a report of an unauthorized use of his PayPal account by his ex-girlfriend.

Oct. 19—Officers reported to a restaurant on Olde 8 Road when an employee said her debit card was stolen.

Oct. 21—Police responded to a Chaffee Road residence for report of a dispute between neighbors over blowing leaves into each other’s yards.

Oct. 24—A female turned in a lost wallet she found at a store on W. Aurora Road. The wallet owner said his credit card company declined fraudulent charges totaling over $1,100 while the wallet was lost.

Oct. 25—A woman walked into the police station to report her firearm lost.

Oct. 26—Police responded to Dunham Road for report of a vehicle break-in.

Oct. 27—Officers were called to Eaton Drive for report of a vehicle parked in the front year of a home blasting music. The driver did not know where she was and was arrested for OVI.

An Augusta Lane resident reported her four-year-old son missing. He had ridden his bike to a friend’s house and was brought home by the friend’s mother. Officers responded to a Valley View Road home for report of domestic violence.