Police Beat

Information provided by the Independence Police Department

Sept. 28—A resident reported misuse of her credit card to buy food from a Rockside Road restaurant. A male who tried to pick up the food stated he was delivering it to a friend. He was cited for falsification.

Oct. 1—During a traffic stop at Quarry Lane and Rockside Road, the driver in question was cited for consuming alcohol in a motor vehicle.

Police pulled over a suspicious vehicle on Quarry Lane in which the driver had a warrant for domestic violence. After a probable cause search, officers found a firearm and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle and over $3,000 on the suspect’s person. He was charged with having weapons under disability, improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, and aggravated trafficking in drugs.

Oct. 6—A traffic stop on Quarry Lane led police to a short investigation, resulting in citing the driver for soliciting prostitution.

Police conducted a traffic stop on Quarry Lane for a non-transparent window tint and found a firearm and marijuana in the vehicle. The driver was arrested for possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

Officers stopped a driver for driving with a suspended license and found 2 pounds of marijuana in the vehicle as well as suspected oxycodone pills.

Oct. 7—A driver was stopped for non-transparent tinted windows and failure to use a turn signal on Quarry Lane. He was found to have a firearm, digital scale, narcotics and almost $2,000 in cash and was arrested for weapons under disability and aggravated drug trafficking.

Oct. 9—A stolen vehicle was identified using the city’s Flock cameras, and officers found the vehicle and suspect driver at a Quarry Lane hotel. The driver had a felony warrant for drugs.

Oct. 13—Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle on Rockside Road via Flock camera and detained the driver and booked him into the Independence jail.

Oct. 15—A driver on Rockside Road was stopped for having a warrant for intimidation by stalking and protection order for domestic violence. A handgun and open alcoholic beverage were found in the vehicle.

Oct. 17—Police queried a vehicle on E. Pleasant Valley Road and found the driver had a warrant for a parole violation stemming from a burglary. The driver was charged with having weapons under disability and drug paraphernalia.

Oct. 19—A male turned himself in to the police to serve his jail sentence given by the Garfield Heights Municipal Court.

Oct. 24—Two females were arrested for prostitution separately at Jefferson Drive and Quarry Lane hotels.

Police arrested and cited a male at a Quarry Lane hotel for soliciting prostitution from a minor and open container.

Warrant pickups: 11

Warrant drop-offs: 9