Historical society holds second annual Hemlock Cemetery lantern tours

by Martin McConnell

The Independence Historical Society held lantern tours of Hemlock Cemetery on Oct. 15 and Oct. 29, to get residents in the Halloween spirit.

The ticketed event took residents through the historical Hemlock Cemetery off of Brecksville Road. Tour guides came equipped with knowledge of Victorian-era burial rituals and stories of those who lay buried in the cemetery. The tours also included local actors, who added to the spooky vibe by portraying stories of the now-buried residents of the cemetery. Those who attended were treated to doughnuts and hot chocolate following the tour.

The group stopped in front of the former home of Dr. William
Munson for some history on the way to the cemetery.
Photos by Kim Scott-Sowinski.
Independence Historical Society members
(l-r) Martha Niehaus, Deb Hudnall and
Annemarie Colosimo stand with lanterns.
Isabel Svec portrays Ida Wolf, daughter
of Levi Wolff, proprietor of Bully Wolff’s
Tavern, which featured a bouncing dance
Joseph Shumay portrays Lorenzo Hunt,
Civil War Soldier injured/disabled in